Anyone can start their entrepreneurial journey, but can anyone maintain it or keep up with it ? The true entrepreneurs tend to be naturally more optimistic than non-entrepreneurs, sometimes even to the point of over-optimism.  Entrepreneurship involves systematically and continuously taking on risk in the decisions they mostly make. Their chances of succeeding, especially over […]

Life Lessons, Life Goals and Happiness

Learn to lower expectations, (if you can’t) completely get rid of expectations on someone for something especially in relationship, practice gratitude every day, always question your WHY and try to find the answer of it, live your life with (non materialistic) life goals, have a bigger purpose and vision, there’s nothing wrong to work hard, […]

Purpose – Driven Business For Millennial

Ever wondering about why the word purpose – driven business has become a buzzword in business today ? especially among Millennial generation ?   I am a millennial. My generation is also known as Generation Y, Echo Boomer, or Generation ME. The world likes to describe me as an easily distracted, politically correct, civic-minded, creative […]