Still Neglecting Facebook Ad ? Read This Post Before Deciding To Invest

Who doesn’t have Facebook nowadays ? yes when I am talking about Facebook it means I am talking about big data, there are over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users for June 2017 which means big potential market ! statistically, Facebook is too big to ignore. Facebook can be one of the key marketing channels […]

Web hosting terbaik di Indonesia

Disini saya akan berbagi pengalaman saya tentang memilih web hosting, dalam memilih web hosting untuk website kita memang tidaklah semudah dan segampang yang dibayangkan, saya pun dalam beberapa tahun terakhir selalu berganti ganti web hosting mencari dan membandingkan mana yang terbaik. Bagi salah satu hal yang terpenting dalam memilih web hosting adalah seberapa cepat support […]

Why Digital Marketing

Whether you are aspiring entrepreneur or a well-established business person, by now, there should be no doubt in your mind about the usability of digital marketing for your company. The fact that more and more people are connected to the internet worldwide has a tremendous potential to help you  with achieving your objectives – whether […]