Life Lessons, Life Goals and Happiness

Learn to lower expectations, (if you can’t) completely get rid of expectations on someone for something especially in relationship, practice gratitude every day, always question your WHY and try to find the answer of it, live your life with (non materialistic) life goals, have a bigger purpose and vision, there’s nothing wrong to work hard, hustle and earn a lot of money but make sure that it (money) is not your ultimate goal in life – use the money as a tool to reach your bigger purpose, to make a difference and you wake up every day with a great energy and self-satisfaction that leads to complete happiness without being attached to materialistic life goals.

Life Goals Matters

While many in today’s society strive for wealth, the pursuit of money and status appears to actively damage your well-being.

non-materialistic life goals such as spending time with family or friends, volunteering and do good things can lead to happiness.

Why materialistic life goals harm you ?

So the question is: why do less or non-materialistic goals make people happier than materialistic ones?

The probable explanation is so-called ‘status anxiety’. This means that once you’ve achieved a higher level of status, it’s no longer enough, you feel pressure to live up to that status, maintain your lifestyle, and indeed to accomplish more. Materialistic goals create a spiral of higher goals, more work stress and less connection.

Conclusions on non-materialistic life goals :

It’s not intrinsically bad to have ambition because this can motivate us day by day, but this ambition should be used in healthy and productive ways. The conclusion to gather from this is that the pursuit of materialistic goals should not be at the expense of personal life and non-materialistic goals.

The sensible solution is to find a balance between looking after your financial needs and your family, while at the same time not forgetting to look after your ‘soul’. This balance takes ambition and motivation to achieve. However, the rewards are well worth the effort.

There’s so much to gain from dedicating a fair portion of your time to yourself, your God/Creator, your family, friends and local community. As these create good, deep connections and relationships, and those are the keys to a happy life. High-quality deep relationships are one of the basis of a happy life.