Metallurgy Culture and Sovereign Wealth Fund

Shall the young generation start learning about metallurgy culture more than ever to shape the future of the country?

In Indonesia, we do not have strong culture in written documentation, but we have a strong culture in storytelling, or folklor (traditional customs, tales, sayings, dances, or art forms preserved among a people), there are many folklores, for example folklore from Nias island, it’s been said that when you feel there is an earthquake, you shall run to the mountain immediately, this folklore was told hundred of years since then, and this helped people in Nias island had less death from tsunami compared to Aceh because people in Nias knew where to go immediately when there’s earthquake.

If we look at the pesarean or in English it means the graves, the graves of the sunan, Sunan is the scholars who spread the spiritual teachings of Islam in Nusantara (the old name of the archipelago before Indonesia was formed) or in another word they are known as Wali Songo or which literally means the Nine Saints (the Nine Scholars) where in the pesarean always have a well, like what is in Kudus Central Java there is Sumur Pitu (7 wells)

Then in folklore tales from mouth to mouth, it is said that the sunan when they taught the teaching of Islam in the archipelago, they did not spread the religious teaching by waging war or spilling blood but they used economic power, traded and owned gold, the story is recorded in the Suluk Linglung Javanese literature of Pangeran Wijil (The Prince Wijil) that the sunan were scooping the land nearby which later became a well, the sunan took the land then they made it as material to make “treasures”, what did they do after that?

they gave water and soaked it, then put it in the jug, for a few days the liquid was separated and the soil was burned to a solid state, and the thing that is burned is called Inggot or Dore bar, with a gold content of between 14 and 22 carats. which in the hereditary story turns out that the liquid is bacteria or if in modern language of pathology science, it is called bio engineering, the sunan separate the metal elements using bacteria, the sunan carried out bioengineering long before the world was familiar with microbes, viruses, bacteria. They call it lelembut, which means smooth, because it is very smooth and very tiny super nano.

These are tiny super Nano creatures that work according to the law of nature, which is the key to success in playing in the field of metallurgy, which the next generations of Indonesia must look for and learn metallurgy, science of logam technology, osmium, for example metal object that has more specific gravity than iron but always oily, if osmium is produced made for rotating objects such as a jet engine, propeller marine/ship, turbines, the oil lubricant only needs 10% of its needs, the engine will be better performing with low maintenance.the aviation world and the maritime world can advance 3 times more than now, and there are many osmium in this archipelago country.

Palladium that is more shiny, lighter than platinum but stronger in quality, it will make the world of health such as lasers, heavy duty, machinery, transportation, drones will be very cheap.

Rhodium is another one that can have minus resistance so that communication devices can jump to 6G, 7G and even 10G, that is way faster per data transfer.

Thorium makes nuclear power electricity no longer based on uranium which is dangerous, making the cost of petroleum-based electricity, coal becomes expensive because with thorium per KWH it is only 0.3 dollar, far below the price of coal which is 0.8 dollar and far below the price of gas which is 1,1 dollar for electrical energy.

All of that is metal culture, starting from ordinary metal, rare earth metal or rare earth elements, to precious metal groups, all of which exist in this beloved homeland, before going further, we ponder for a moment looking at what the sunan have done for their children and grandchildren for the people, not only they had spread the spiritual teachings but also a noble culture, metal culture, they left it for us.

To be a developed country, we must preserve their legacy, this is the SWF (Sovereign wealth fund) strategy based on natural resources capital which can be the smart way to boost the country’s economy using the sovereign power of sovereign natural resources to make it as the bargaining power in the trade diplomacy instead of begging for loans as if we are poor, history has reminded us.

Another example of Folklore in Indonesia which has thousands of stories, and famous folklore in the world could be the story of Romeo and Juliet in Europe. In Indonesia there is Ande ande Lumut as an example of folklore, like the folklore of the Nias Islands which tells that when an earthquake rose directly to the mountain after hundreds of years of word of mouth the story was told, this is what saved the time of many tsunami events in Aceh The victims are up to 200,000 Acehnese, but not too many in Nias because they already know the story by word of mouth, that’s folklore, and one of the stories that is been told by the elderly was the story of Sunan Bonang, which is to carry out his commandment, an order, which is called apati geni, an order to put out the fire.

Sunan Bonang knew the fire culture is close to the metal culture where making keris (Local traditional small sword), making metal tools, all using geni or api or dahono, the command of apati geni is an order to put out fire.

When the Dutch in the 1470s in the 15th century would have taken over Indonesia, Sunan Bonang knew what would happen, the colonialists would definitely not just take the spices in Indonesia but would also take metal culture, and immediately ordered the command of the apati geni, and since then it has been more than 400 years, the local culture of metal sinked into the ground, and one of the events that the elderly always told us that someday the commandment, tinitah, sumuruping geni ( the order to light the fire) will be carried out immediately and It seems like the time is now.

Dear officials, please read the history diligently and look at the strength of our own nation.

Everything is available, just use it, still don’t understand the knowledge of these sunan?

Is it time for us to learn more about our history and culture and pass it to our next generation?

To be continued