Purpose – Driven Business For Millennial

Ever wondering about why the word purpose – driven business has become a buzzword in business today ? especially among Millennial generation ?


I am a millennial. My generation is also known as Generation Y, Echo Boomer, or Generation ME. The world likes to describe me as an easily distracted, politically correct, civic-minded, creative narcissistic who wants a trophy just for showing up. I am supposedly a seeker of the authentic and an entitled “adult” who was born between the years of 1981-1997.

Lazy, entitled, delusional, narcissistic and unreliable are just some of the buzzwords managers are using to describe millennials. Most people – even people who are considered millennials – seem to perpetuate this negative connotation that the millennial generation is the problem in today’s workforce. In 2013, according to Hubspot, 68 percent of corporate recruiters said it was difficult to manage millennials.

While it is true some people from this generation are entitled, lazy and delusional, one-size doesn’t fit all. To win with a millennial workforce, you need to give them a sense of purpose and the freedom to succeed on their terms. Adopt these principles to succeed with this age group.

These labels are often for anyone who looks relatively young, and they distract from what my generation really is all about and our unique position in the today’s economy. The reality is that millennials are currently the largest generation in the world’s workforce.

So where are millennials spending all their hard-earned money and why? Millennials support companies that commit to a higher purpose and are more inclined to buy from a brand that stands on a foundation of corporate responsibility. For instance, most of millennials say that they base their purchasing decisions on whether or not a company makes positive social efforts.


Why ?


We are the first generation to be raised with portals to unlimited information in our pockets, able to Google anything and any information they receive. We’ve been programmed to seek out sources of truth and spend our days seeking transparency above all else.


Focus on purpose and bigger game

Above all, I must say that we are a generation that was taught to question the world we live in today.

The focus on purpose is not just a new trend that will disappear over time. The strive to search for meaning in the world—and contribute to it—is implemented deep down in our soul.

The constant search for authenticity and truth is one of the fundamental reasons why I believe we gravitate – both personally and professionally – toward purpose-driven businesses. While many of us are still searching for our purpose in this wild world, we support and respect any enterprise that pursues a purpose as relentlessly and as passionately as we do each and every day.


We are attracted to businesses that have the audacity to puff their chests out and show their true positive purpose for all to see.


We do make mistakes and we will always try to learn from our mistakes in order to be able to to grow personally and professionally.


Please give us a chance


From a Millennial