Why Digital Marketing

Whether you are aspiring entrepreneur or a well-established business person, by now, there should be no doubt in your mind about the usability of digital marketing for your company. The fact that more and more people are connected to the internet worldwide has a tremendous potential to help you  with achieving your objectives – whether you want to boost brand awareness, research market opportunities or target specific audience and convert the users into your customers.  Moreover, digital marketing has been shaping the customer behavior of the new generation of internet-savvy customers. Brick and mortar business model is changing rapidly thanks to the technological developments, so if you want to keep up with the changes or be ahead of your competition, your marketing effort should turn to the virtual world.

The new methods of digital marketing are more versatile, faster and flexible when compared to the old known ways of marketing. Here is the recap of the most popular digital marketing tools used by digital marketers:

  • Company website (search engine optimization)
  • Blogs
  • Online advertising ( Google Ads)
  • Viral marketing
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin Ads, etc )
  • Online video content


The reach that those digital platforms give the business is unprecedented. Just imagine, there are around 59,000 searches per second on Google alone and your business can tap into those searches by using Google Ads. Big numbers are also what made Facebook Ads so successful – 1.8 billion monthly active users is the quite a pool to choose your target market from. The numbers are impressive, but let’s now take a closer look into the specifics of how and why digital marketing is crucial for your business. Here are some top reasons why digital marketing is essential for growing your business:

Reach and targeting


As mentioned before, digital marketing has changed the playing field of market place. It expanded it in a way that has never happened before in history. The reach that internet offers is huge, limited only to the number of users who are connected to the internet. This however should not be a concern if we realize that about 3.5 billion people are daily users of virtual web. Depending on the country/market users are using different search engine and social networks, however, Google and Facebook remain two the most popular internet platform worldwide.

The reach alone is not everything of course. Existence of such a large customer pool might be confusing for targeting purposes. Digital marketing offers various tools to address this problem and it allows for the more specific and accurate, data-driven targeting. It is because while preparing campaign, digital marketer can use demographic, geographic and other information in order to target specific group of users. Thus, you can be sure that our product or service is marketed to the right group of potential customers who are more likely to purchase you products. Additionally, in contrast to the tradition marketing, digital marketing is very flexible which allows for fast and smoothness changes to the campaign.

Cost efficient

Probably, marketing was never cheaper than it is now. It is especially important fact for the start-up or small companies with limited marketing budget. You now longer have to spent thousands, or even millions of dollars for tv, radio or magazine campaigns. It is estimated that reaching 2,000 customers online costs as little as 50$. It will help your company to save tremendous amounts of money on advertising and it will make it easier to compete on the marketplace. Digital advertising tools such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads allows you to control your marketing spending by setting up a budget or financial limit for your campaign. Besides, you are charged by the ads in a way that is most efficient for you business. For example, you are charge only after the interested user had clicked on your ad.

Relationship and brand builder


When we think of the nature of the internet itself we will reach the conclusion that it is a net of relationships. No wonder why “www” in front of every website’s name stands for world-wide-web. Internet is about connection and digital marketing is no different. Social platforms made it easy to build honest relationship with your customers as two-way communication is encouraged. It was never easier for your customers to find and contact your business. Thus, digital marketing strategy should pay attention to the relationship-building aspect of marketing and promote honest communication to build trust.

The trust and the quality of your relationship with customer should also be a foundation for your brand. Building brand equity might be a daunting task for new businesses. However, digital marketing offers cost-effective solutions to increase your online visibility and when combined with building engaged relationship with user it will result in long-term brand loyalty for your company.


Increase in ROI and revenue


In the end of the day, business is about money. Even you are not profit-oriented person or have non-for-profit organization, the truth is that business dies without financial stability. The end goal of digital marketing campaign is to foster traffic of specifically targeted audience and convert the traffic into sales and leads.

Because digital marketing is cost effective, your ROI from digital campaign will be naturally higher as you will be able to reach more customers with less money.  By the same token, your company’s revenues will be increased as you will increase your sells.


Measurement and tracking


Measurement and tracking are crucial to understand and ensure the effectiveness of your online campaign. Digital marketing tools makes it very easy and straightforward to do just that. With the help of app such as Google Analytics, you can easily see how many people visited your site and how they interacted with it. This invaluable data gives your business better insight into the online customer behavior and help you to be more responsive for your customer needs.


Final Words

There are many more reasons to say more about why you should put more attention into digital marketing than traditional marketing because the world is moving to be digitalized in almost any sector especially in the business.

Digital Marketing helps you make the use of proven strategies and techniques that can attract not only necessarily traffic but also highly targeted traffic that deliver results compared if you just randomly spread out the flyer or have a big banner set on a big road which can also attract audience but randomly, even though you are at the right location but it’s still not really and clearly targeted. With digital Marketing you can specify your targeting details

Targeting the right kind of people that delivers the right kind of results is what digital marketing is all about, it’s ensuring survival for your business in today’s digital age.